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Plain Ol' As Model A Ford Club
Plain Ol' As Model A Ford Club
              Serving Northeast Kansas
Who are we?
     The Plain Ol' As are a group of nice folks involved in the preservation and enjoyment
of the Ford Model A automobile.  Membership offers opportunities for you to learn how to
keep your vehicle in good working order, gives you an excuse to get it out on the road, and
you can always just hang around with other people silly enough to own these things!

     For more info about the Plain Ol' As, click on the "About Us" link.  You can also read our latest Newsletter to get an idea of the some the things we like to do.  We're working on getting our Gallery stocked with photos of some of our members and (perhaps more importantly!) their cars.

     We're glad you stopped by ... slide behind the wheel and take our website for a spin!

Read our latest Newsletter
by clicking on this link
     If you want to catch up on news, the past couple newsletters are stored on the Links & Downloads page. 

What's Playing on the Jukebox?
     The music that pops up in the background represent recordings from artists of the Model A era.  Today's very appropriate selection: All I want is Just One Girl  by Gus Arnheim Coconut Grove Orchestra  (1930)   

      (You may have to tell your browser it's OK to allow the Media Plug-In to hear the sound)

This Month in History
July 19, 1942
Here's something you probably didn't know...Henry Ford had collaborated with famed agricultural chemist George Washington Carver to developing methods that could turn crops like soybeans and peanuts into gasoline, paints, and even plastics.  On July 19, 1942, Carver officially joined Ford to develop artificial rubber from plant sources as part of the war effort.  After trials with sweet potatoes and even dandelions failed, they finally succeeded using the weed goldenrod.  We still benefit from their research as our modern corn-based ethanol production is based on some of their early findings..

                                                          source:  History Channel

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