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Model A Era Fashions
     Among many Model A groups, there's a growing interest in attending events in clothing appropriate to the era.  So these pages will contain info that will help you know what to look for and maybe even where to go when you're putting your look together.  Pages will feature descriptions and images of clothing and accessories taken from catalogs, magazines, and photos from 1928-1931.  Let's face it, though.  After eighty years, most of the original clothing items are -- well, simply faling apart.  but if you're armed with the "look and feel" of those clothing, it's possible to find modern items that would fit right in on the streets when the Model A ruled the earth.  So, with each section we'll try to give you some pointers (or ever sources) about what you should be looking for.

     Just to clarify, though, this site is intended to be a summary of era fashions - not an exhaustive reference.  Specifically, we're going to focus on "common" styles that would be worn by folks who would also drive Model As.  The comments and even the pictures should be taken as guidelines and not "rules."

     Come back every once in a while since additional pages will be added as time and discovery permit.

Just a Word about Fabric Options
     Trying to cover ALL the different fabric colors, prints, and types would be a daunting task indeed.  Instead, we'll just offer some color plates out of era catalogs to give you a "feel" for what folks were wearing.   Click here for The Fabric Page

The Fashion Plates

For the Ladies
             The Era Look - ensemble examples for the "put together" lady
             Hats   (working on this one now!)

Men Get to Play, Too!
            The Era Look - ensemble examples for the well-heeled gentleman

Want More Info?
     A Book of Fashion Facts and Fashion Guidelines - Available from MAFCA, these two books are indisputably the starting point for learning.  Additional MAFCA Fashion Updates are also available through the Downloads site.

     Era Catalogs offer diagrams, descriptions, colors and more.  Just be aware that catalogs give a shapshot within a specific year (Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter). 

     Model A Era (1928-1931) Women's magazines (like Woman's WorldDelineator, andMcCall's) that show trends, patterns, fashion tips, and photos of what people were wearing.

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