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Plain Ol' As Model A Ford Club
Plain Ol' As Model A Ford Club
              Serving Northeast Kansas
Founded in 1983
     with a membership of four families from Johnson County, Kansas, the Plain Ol' As has now grown to more than 100 and draws members from as far as Lawrence to the west, Leavenworth to the North, and well over the Missouri border. 

     We are a not-for-profit (but all-for-fun) organization
chartered with the Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA),
one of the two international organizations for people who
share a love of the Ford Model A.  If you want to see some
"modern" faces, visit our Gallery - it's a place where we show
off our people and their vehicles.

To contact a real person
     Mailing Address:
           Plain Ol' As Model A Ford Club
           P.O. Box 860782
           Shawnee KS  66286-0782
     or by eMail:

Where we Meet
     The Plain Ol' As meetings start at 7:30 pm on the fourth Monday
of every month (except for May and December).  Please join us:
       Meeting Place:
       Shawnee Masonic Lodge
            11111 Johnson Drive,  Shawnee KS

      (There is also parking and an entrance at the back
       of the building)     

About the Plain Ol' As Model A Ford Club
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